Go ahead. Call me silly. I'll wait...

Thank you. Now I bet you're wondering why? Well it's because lately I've been toying with a personal style change. And you're thinking..."Geez, he doesn't seem like a guy who gets too caught up in what's stylish".

And you'd be right. In fact, it's really not a major style change but it's still one that I've been getting a semi-hard time about at home. In fact it falls under the category of being asked, as I am occasionally by my wife..."Are you ever going to grow up?"

The answer is always "I'm not sure, maybe one of these days". So anyway here is the style change I've been considering. As we have a ton of regular cloth face masks at the house, I want to get me a red bandanna and fashion it like the train robbers used to wear them on their faces in the Old West. You know, the bandanna would kind of just sit there around their necks until they would attend to their nefarious ways and then the bandanna would get pulled up over the bad guys nose and mouth, just like our current face masks. See? Perfect.

See back before the COVID-19 pandemic, I don't think it would've been the best idea to walk around, or walk into a business with a bandanna pulled up halfway over your face like a bandit. In fact, I would've probably been the first to wonder what was going on if I saw that back then. Now I see people almost every day out in public looking like well, bandits from the Old West and I think I might have to join in. Just because now I can.

At least I think I can. Well make that I know that I can. At least for now until they figure this whole pandemic thing out and then I'm sure my bandanna faced bandit days will be over.

Of course they may be over sooner than that if my wife finds out where my bandanna hiding spot is...

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