This Michigan city is giving Grand Rapids a run for its money when it comes to the nickname "Beer City".

Thrillist recently put together a list of "7 Small Beer Cities That Deserve National Attention", and Michigan city Traverse City was featured on that list! Now, I know that Traverse City is much more well known for its wine scene, but they've got a pretty impressive beer scene as well.

According to Thrillist, there are "more than a dozen breweries in the immediate area", and that's a lot of beer when you're a city known for your wine and cherries. In Traverse City you can find,

Plus, Traverse City is "home to one of the nation's very best beer bars, 7 Monks. 7 Monks offers plenty of variety; they've got 46 taps and a large bottle selection, both of which feature a predominate amount of Michigan made beers. To read more about the beer scene in Traverse City and why it's deserving of some national attention, click here.

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