Did you take a guess already? Well of all the crops in Michigan Cannabis is in the top 3. says the Cannabis Harvest Report.

Personally, I have not touched it since it became legal and before that, it was very rare for me.  On the other hand, I have many family and friends who are quite fond of cannabis whether it is to smoke in candy form.

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There are many folks and even celebrities that have joined the growing bandwagon like Jim Belushi. He is quite the connoisseur if you look at his social media pages. He knows his stuff.  Got to meet him for 4 years which was a thrill, I am a fan. Jim joins 13,042 other licensed farms in the U.S

Cannabis Is More Valuable Than Some fruits

Now back to our Michigan Cannabis crops which are more valuable than hay and apples according to Michigansthumb.com.  Are you kidding me I just paid 7 bucks for 3 apples at the store yesterday?


In Michigan, with 487 licenses so far distributed, 189 metric tons of cannabis are produced annually, according to the report, bringing in $736 million to the state and its farmers. That makes the cannabis crop the third most valuable crop in the state, second to corn and soybeans. That's more than the values of the hay and apple crops combined.


Found this Funny

It's found it funny, I was at a stoplight in front of a Cannabis shop in Lansing and there were many happy, smiling faces walking out with a small shopping bag. All types of folks of all ages. Hey, whatever gets you through the day I say.

Are you glad it is Legal in Michigan?

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