Dyson may have come up with the best toy--EVER. It's a toy vacuum that actually works! Yep, your son or daughter will think that they're just playing with their new toy, but in reality, they're actually CLEANING your living room! I know, best thing ever, right?!

It's called the 'Casdon Dyson Ball Toy Cleaner' and it's available right now on Amazon for $29.99. They describe the *toy* as a "cute Dyson vacuum is a direct replica of the life size Dyson Ball Vacuum to help your little helper tidy in style." Now, if you're thinking about getting one, you might not want to wait too long because it's already on backorder at other retailers. Here's how they describe it:

  • Brilliant toy replica of the Dyson Ball
  • Working suction that really picks up!
  • Cyclone action with whizzing coloured balls
  • 'Twist & turn' action that's just like the real thing
  • Removable debris drawer
  • Suitable for ages 3+.

Click here to see it for yourself and if you end up purchasing one...well, you're welcome!


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