Lottery fever is running high in Michigan right now.

In addition to participating in national games like the record-setting Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots, the Michigan Lottery offers a wide variety of other games for players to try their luck at scoring big cash.

Instant scratchers paid out million of dollars in winnings throughout the first half of 2022, with the biggest winners coming from the tickets with higher purchase costs. $20 and $30 tickets like "20X Cashword" and "Wild Time Millions" changed the lives of many Michiganders, as did $10 scratchers like "Red Hot Millions".

The draw game "Lotto 47" was responsible for creating the most new millionaires among Michigan Lottery players during the first half of the year, with winners in Flint, Warren, Ortonville, Harrison and Sturgis.

The fast cash game "Jumbo Jackpot Slots" was responsible for two winners of $1,000,000+ between January and June of 2022, with a $1.79 million jackpot won in Davison, and a $1.27 million jackpot won in Kalamazoo.

Most of Michigan's big winners so far this year have been concentrated around its highest population centers, but there have certainly been exceptions, like Owosso, Mattawan and Gladstone.

A dry spell continues for many areas, especially in Mid-Michigan. Lansing hasn't had a million-dollar Michigan Lottery winner since August 2021 when a Powerball ticket purchased at the Quality Dairy on the corner of Dunckel and East Jolly Roads paid out $1,000,000.

So, what lottery outlets in Michigan had million dollars winners during the first half of 2022? Check out the list below:

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