As old man winter slowly makes his way out that door, you're probably getting antsy and ready to get back out on the course.

While many golfers have their select golf courses that they will check out, sometimes change or something new never hurts.

Lansing Is The Perfect Place For Beginners Or Pro Golfers.

Whether you're just getting your golfing career started, or just taking it up for a hobby with the kids, there are some great golf courses that you can check out here in the Lansing area.

Some of these places have been around nearly a hundred years now with some of the best services you will find.

You don't need to be a pro either to check out half of these golf courses.

Take A Look At Some Of Michigan's Top Golf Courses

Here are the best places to check out here in Lansing.

The Top Rated Golf Courses Here In The Lansing Area

The weather is warming up, and with that, it's time to grab the clubs and get on out with the friends under the sun. Golf is an American past-time and isn't always just for adults.

Which Lansing Area Golf Course Is Your Favorite?

You don't need to agree with the list that we set up. Open our station app and get social with us and let us know where you go for golfing around the Lansing area.

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