Just because you go to a coffee shop, doesn't mean you have to enjoy plain old black coffee. Local coffee shops have a variety of things you can try each time you go. From coffee, to taste bakery treats, there is no reason not to visit your local coffee shop.

As someone who wakes up each day at 3:45 am and I have to keep chugging along at work till 6 pm, you'll find me with some sort of caffeine in my hand, which tends to be coffee.

But, where do you go from there?

Lansing, you've made your thoughts known, and these are the top 10 coffee shops that you have to check out here in the Lansing area, according to Yelp.

These Are The Top 10 Coffee Shops In Lansing

These are the top 10 coffee shops around the Lansing area, decided by you, according to Yelp.

What's your favorite coffee spot? Did it make the list, or did it not?

We've all got our own little favorite coffee shop. Maybe your favorite little shop just falls out of the Lansing area.

Regardless if it made our list or not, we would like to know where you go to coffee. As a big coffee fan myself, I try new coffee shops and places as often as I can.

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