What does Michigan smell like? The people at HomesickCandles.com think they've figured it out. And now you can buy a candle from them that smells like Michigan. According to their website, the Michigan candle smells like "indian summers, cherries, and chocolate".

(Note to Homesick Candles' marketing department - that should read "chocolate fudge", if it's really going to smell like Michigan. Yes, there is a difference.)

They make candles that smell like a lot of other states, too. According to the website description, Indiana has "hints of kettle corn, hay, and denim" in it's candle and Ohio features the smell of  "carnation and honeysuckle". (Michigan football fans will now make up their own Ohio candle joke about the smell of "a shutout in the playoffs". Go ahead, we'll wait) Wisconsin smells like "Kringle, Wisconsin cranberry, and winter air". Seriously? Winter air? Can't you just stick your head in your freezer for that?

All the candles cost 29.95, which is a small price to pay if you're far away and want to be reminded of home. For everybody else, take a deep breath. It's free.


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