According to, the "Saugatuck Buck", who they call the "Sand Dunes Whitetail" (I like my name better) is back at again. Famously, the "Saugatuck Buck" (if I use it enough the name will stick) came out of the woods earlier this month to visit the beach at Saugatuck State Park where he to posed for selfies, delighted small children and licked vacationers legs (he might be a creeper) Last week, he showed his romantic side, when he photo-bombed a couple as they were getting engaged.

Wednesday night, Jakob Lee proposed to his girlfriend Colbie Wakeley on the beach at Saugatuck State Park, with a custom "Marry Me" sign, candles forming a heart and the sunset in the background. (Very nice, Jakob) After the proposal, Saugatuck Buck came down and jumped in front of the camera. There was no leg-licking.

Looks like he's going to be an 8-point this year. I'm thinking about a trip to the beach in October.

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