There were some areas near Lansing (mostly to the south) that got some storms yesterday and got some much needed rain. (We were celebrating Father's Day near Eaton Rapids and it rained there briefly.) However, there were still many areas that missed out on that much needed rain. Well, if your garden/field/lawn is in desperate need of some rain, you might be in luck because the National Weather Service says that we've got a few rounds of showers and storms headed our way over the next couple of days that could bring us some rain.

The first round of storms could develop in the mid to late afternoon hours today. Gusty winds and locally heavy rainfall are possible, however, there really isn't a big chance of any severe weather. There's also a chance for more showers and storms overnight and then some scattered storms are in the forecast for Tuesday as well. Unfortunately, it looks like these storms could be hit or miss, so you might want to start crossing your fingers now. If the rain misses you this time around, there's more rain in the forecast at the end of the week...stay tuned.

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