There's a lot of controversy in the world these days, and this morning you can add last night's NFL game to that list. It was a classic match-up for Monday Night Football, as the Detroit Lions took on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. However, there are A LOT of Lions fans that feel like the Lions were playing against the Packers AND the NFL refs last night.

I have to admit that I wasn't able to watch ALL of last night's game (I've seen the highlights), but after reading LOTS of comments this morning on social media, it appears that the only thing I missed is MORE missed calls by the referees. Former Detroit Lions star, Barry Sanders is one of those people that seems to be mad as hell about last night's refereeing. Sanders tweeted several times last night about what he thought about the game.

So, the big question do we fix this? My idea is start fining NFL referees when they blow a call. Banana Don thinks there should be interactive voting on whether or not the call was right or wrong. Voting can be done by simply casting a thumbs up or thumbs down. What do you think?

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