Here are just a FEW of the many questions you may have about the Coca Cola FreeStyle Machines now popping up in your Lansing area Meijer stores:

Is the Coca Cola FreeStyle Machine reverse-engineered from an alien Coke machine as Banana Don speculated?

Is DeWitt, Michigan really going to present their "CCFS" with the "key to the city"?

Does the Coca Cola FreeStyle machine really contain over 100 different brands of drinks?

Does the President of Uzbekistan really have a solid gold FreeStyle Machine?

Is there really such a thing as Peach Mello Yello? Why was I not told of this before now?

Is it true you can mix the FreeStyle brands to create your own personal signature taste? And would I be out of line to call my creation a "carbonated selfie"?

Why would a nice guy like Nate allow himself to be seen in the company of Banana Don?


So many questions. Visit the Coca Cola FreeStyle Machine at your local Lansing area Meijer and get the answers to at least some of the questions.


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