Last Saturday, according to, some guy (unidentified as of now) tried to take a swim from Mackinac Island to Round Island. Round Island is the island to your right as you enter the Mackinac Island Harbor. The gentleman in question went into the water at Mission Point, which is at the far southeastern corner of the island. About three hours later, he was about a mile an a half out when the Coast Guard picked him up. On his way to "being swept out toward Lake Huron".

He's lucky his buddy called 911 instead of leaving him to see what was going on at the Pink Pony.

The U.S. Coast Guard would advise you not to do this, because of the swift current in the Straits of Mackinac and the difficulty of swimmers being spotted by rescuers on the open water. And (from what I've seen up there) there's always those thousand-foot long freighters that pass through that area.

Here's the story.


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