I'm assuming you've got a thing for fried fish if you found yourself reading this article. I love fish and chips, fish sandwiches, you name it. If it's fish related, I'll eat it. Except if it's frozen and in a box. I went to a restaurant in Ferndale one time and order fish and chips and I swear they served me frozen fish sticks. I wanted to start a riot.

MLive recently created a poll asking people what restaurant in Jackson/Central Southern Michigan has the best fish fry and The Deck Down Under beat One North Kitchen and Bar by a little over 4%.

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Janine Serafin and Scott Burns have owned The Deck Down Under for ten years. Serafin says they attract more than locals.

We get a lot of people from Ann Arbor, Lansing, a huge pull from Ohio. A lot of people come up from Ohio, I think thats because we are a lake community, so there’s a lot of summer homes. And when Covid first hit, we saw a lot of people from the cities come out.

They offer three different fish dinner specials and walleye on the weekends. With walleye being one of their popular dishes, Serafin says they'll go through sixty pounds some weekends.

Serafin believes that one of the things that sets The Deck Down Under's apart from others is the fish fry mix they use. They use a local mix called Skeeter's Batter It Up which was founded by fishing legend and founder of the National Bass Anglers Association and Competition Tournament Circuit, Keith "Skeeter" Warner.

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