Vintage Ford Broncos (and other older SUVs) are the new hot collectible vehicles. According to Bloomberg, a "first generation" Ford Bronco, built between 1966 and 1977, in perfect condition, can go for about $50,000 these days. If it's in the "pickup" configuration, with the factory truck bed, it might go as high as $100,000. And you can blame millennials for this. While baby-boomers go for vintage muscle cars, millennials are after the SUVs. And the prices are going up - just like they did when everybody started buying 60's muscle cars. One of the theories is, that with Ford building a new model of the Bronco sometime in the next couple of years, there's more interest in the old ones.

And then, maybe everybody just got done binge-watching "The People vs O.J. Simpson". (By the way - THAT Bronco just sold for $75,000.)

So if you have one of those older Broncos. Park it.


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