Thanksgiving is a time that we all enjoy doing the things we love. Of course this year is going to be different because of COVID-19.  Michigan's three week order is also gonna change things quite a bit. One that affects me is not going to the movies on thanksgiving day. And of course many families are cutting down on their guests for dinner over the holidays.

Many people will also not be traveling this holiday season. Folks getting on a plane this year will be very low compared to other years. The good news is there is a vaccine really close and could be here by late December.

Here are the risk levels for different activities according to

  • Some higher risks include going shopping in crowded stores and attending large gatherings with people not your family or friends.
  • Moderate risks include visiting pumpkin patches, or orchards. Also attending small gatherings with people in your community or new acquaintances.
  • Low risk would include having a small dinner with people in your household. Having a virtual dinner, and sharing recipes with family and friends. And of course watching parades, movies, and sporting events from home

I am not traveling this thanksgiving and will be staying home. I still have not decided on Christmas. I figure staying home one year in order to keep everyone safe will sure make us all count our blessings next year.

How are you doing thanksgiving this year?

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