When the pandemic first started, I have to be honest I did not think that it was going to be as bad as it was. Being the optimist that I am, I thought hey there is nothing that we can't get through in this country, and maybe the media was hyping it up more than usual. Even my some close friends and family were way more concerned than I was, I did follow all the rules though and I was sure wrong. Yes, it could have been worse and like many, I am so glad we are seeing things re-open and the COVID19 numbers going down. Scary 18 months.

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Michigan Ready For Some Fun

A good feeling that many of the state's COVID-19 restrictions are going away. Michigan is coming back strong as we start to get back to normal. Restaurants and bars are hiring and opening to 100% capacity as the face masks and gatherings order is going away.

According to fox47new.com travel in the U.S is on its way to getting back to normal. How much? Well, 87% of people have plans to travel on airplanes and hit the road. That is up from around 57% from back in December.

David Lorenz, the vice president of Travel Michigan, said his team is focused on making Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing the draw for in-state travelers. It's all about the regions of the state and the sectors of the travel industry, how they will come back? Basically, Northern Michigan did very well last year," he said.


Time To Enjoy Our Great State

This is especially good for Michigan and the economy. State park and campground reservations are already increasing big time as folks are ready to get out and enjoy themselves. Michigan is doing whatever it takes to bring in tourism dollars again.

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