You know that chicken sandwich you bought at McDonald's or Burger King today? Have you ever thought about all the work that went into actually making that possible before they handed you a bag, with a sandwich inside?

Well, YOU might have, because Mid-Michigan is home to a lot of farmers. But, for most people, it's just a matter of handing somebody a five dollar bill and chowing down. Andy George, from the "How To Make Everything" YouTube channel, made a chicken sandwich - from scratch. And "from scratch", I mean he grew the vegetables and the wheat and killed and butchered the chicken that went on the sandwich. And it took him six months and $1500 to do it.

Watch this. And then you should thank the farmers and butchers and truck drivers who brought you that sandwich today. There's a condensed version of the process and then a full series online to show all the steps in detail.

Here's the short version:



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