Hey have you ever thought. "It would be cool if you could just text 911".

And, yes I have thought that but not necessarily during an emergency. Well very soon you're going to be able to do just that here. According to WILX-TV, beginning January 23rd, you'll be able to send a text during an emergency in Ingham County to 911.

Now remember, just like the regular 911, this will be for emergencies, not for things like calling to ask how much a speeding ticket is going to cost or something like that.

Texting 911 is the same as sending a regular text. Simply, you put 911 in the To: section of the text, then type your message to 911. Also, don't forget that the more detail you can provide in the text, the better it should help your situation.

The 911 dispatchers still prefer that you call when you can, but in instances where you can't, texting will be a great alternative.

Get more info on the story here from WILX-TV.

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