Could you imagine a four-day workweek, instead of a five-day workweek?

That's what's being introduced in this Mid-Michigan Township.

Who Does The Four Day Work Week Apply To?

Township employees, those who work in the township offices, will be the lucky ones to experience the four-day workweek.

The employees in the township will be expected to work Monday through Thursday, while offices are set to be closed each Friday.

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Will This Effect Emergency Employees?

If you're worried about the firefighters or the township police taking these days off too, you can be set at ease.

This new workweek is going to target the non-emergency employees of Meridian Township.

How Long Will The Four Day Workweek Last?

This will be a trial run for the community. From January 7th thru the 25th of February, the Township will be testing the four-day workweek. Once the trial period has ended, the township will set down and review this new system.

Are There Benefits To A Shorter Work Week?

Other countries do have a much shorter workweek than what we see here in the United States.

There are some benefits to a shorter workweek, some even good for the environment, like a smaller carbon footprint. The shorter workweek has even shown some benefits in both physical and mental aspects as well. 

In some other studies done on the four-day workweek, people saw even a reduction of stress. Some even believe that the amount of work that gets done in that time will leave employees feeling more accomplished than a five-day workweek.

Should Other Townships In Michigan Get A Shorter Work Week

While the pay-offs of a shorter work week seem to be good, the other payoff is a longer workday during the week to make up for that lost day of work. This workweek also can't apply to every single job out there either.

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