There are many places that have tacked on the name ‘Michigan’. Not just towns and cities, but rivers, lakes, parcels of land, businesses, neighborhoods, streets…just about anything you can think of. TOO many to boggle the mind.

So I’ve narrowed it down to ten places of interest in the country that have decided to glom onto our name.

Now, why would so many places name themselves after us? Is it because they admire our state so much? Or could it be for some other reason, such as:
1) A gambling card game called ‘Michigan’
2) A type of strategy move found in hockey.

Or maybe they like the way it sounds. After all, it comes from a Native American term, “michigama” or “meicigama” that means “big lake” or “great water”...but some of these places aren't near any "big waters".

Maybe it’s because they find our state the most beautiful in the country, surrounded by the Great Lakes - plus over 11,000 inland lakes, mountains in the UP, endless rivers, streams, brooks, and creeks, caverns, gulches, green hills & valleys, endless shoreline, islands, fascinating shipwrecks, ghost towns, and history…the list goes on.

Do you think any of those would be plausible as to why so many other places chose ‘Michigan’ as part of their name? I don’t know. But I would tend to believe it has something to do with the Native American heritage, rather than some hockey term. After all, we have plenty of places within our state where we’ve stretched the name ‘Michigan’…like Michiana, Michigamme, Michilimackinac, and others…something about the way it rolls off the tongue, I guess.

Anyway, on with this list of ten places in America named after Michigan:

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