One of the more interesting stories out there, is a report from Rolling Stone, that country music's old friend and birthday girl Taylor Swift (she turned 29, yesterday) has used facial recognition at at least one (and I'm guessing others) of her concerts to identify potential stalkers. As people watched footage of her rehearsing at a kiosk set up for her May 18th Rose Bowl concert this year, they were being photographed and the images were being checked in Nashville by facial recognition software against (and here's a scary line) - a "database of hundreds of the pop star’s known stalkers".

Hundreds of stalkers. Yeah - it SOUNDS like fun to be a big star....

Some say this technology is the wave of the future. Supposedly they'll use this someday to avoid ticketing and speed up lines into concerts and sporting events. You won't have a ticket - your face will be the ticket. Let that sink in.

But, shouldn't somebody tell you when you're going to be photographed and added to a private database? Some argue, "yes'. But, some say a Taylor Swift concert, in a privately held stadium, doesn't need to inform you of any of this.

But there's Taylor Swift, with your photo. And you didn't even know it.

Sorta like a stalker, huh?


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