Today on "Stump the Chumps", Nick from Lansing asked, "How fast can a white-tail deer run away from Banana Don in the woods?"

Jeff (from Bake n' Cakes) and I felt confident with the answer, "33 miles per hour". We were NOT correct. Nick told us the answer was "47 MPH". And, according to Wikipedia, white-tail deer have been recorded at speeds up to 47 MPH. But, I saw some other sites that said 30-35 was the top speed. The Michigan DNR says 35 MPH. So, in our defense, I would state that Jeff and I were talking strictly about Michigan white-tails.


Does anybody want to volunteer to buy one of THESE and get the definitive answer?

Then, there's THIS video: (and yeah - they start screaming near the end of the video, so if you're watching at work - crank it down)


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