In Bowne Township (southeast of Grand Rapids) last Wednesday, Mark Johnson found two bucks in a field with locked antlers. Mark's a hunter, looking forward to Opening Day this Friday. He could've gone home, grabbed a bow and taken both bucks (they were both NICE eight-points!), but he didn't. He mounted a rescue mission. He called his buddy Brad, who, obviously knowing this was going to be epic, called his friend Randy, who had a tree limb saw. (That tree-limb saw idea was a smart move - no way I'd get too close to two fighting bucks)

According to WOOD-TV, the first plan was to rope the two bucks to immobilize them. Then, fate stepped in. The bucks were locked up, but, like champion potato sack racers at a family reunion, they took off running - and fell into a creek. Pretty embarrassing for two studs like that, but it gave the guys a chance to use the saw on one of the antlers. It worked and both bucks ran off alive - at least for the next week.

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