The past few years have been difficult, no doubt.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple natural disasters and mass shootings, many of us may be feeling more unsafe than ever.

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A new study looked at which U.S. cities are best at protecting their residents from harm.

To determine where Americans can feel the most secure, Wallethub compared more than 180 cites across 42 indicators of safety.

The study analyzed data from the percentage of residents who are fully vaccinated and assaults per capita to the unemployment rate and road quality.

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What is the Safest City in America?

Overall, Wallethub found Columbia, Maryland, to be the safest city in the U.S.

With a total score of 85.99, Columbia came in at No. 1 in Home and Community Safety, No. 63 in Natural Disaster Risk, and No. 92 in Financial Safety.

What is the Safest City in Michigan?

According to Wallethub's findings, Grand Rapids is the safest city in Michigan.

Grand Rapids came in at No. 59 on their list, with a total score of 76.31.

To determine a city's ranking in the "Home and Community Safety" category, Wallethub analyzed data like assaults, thefts, hate crimes, and traffic fatalities per capita.

In the "Natural Disaster" category, Wallethub took into account earthquake, flood, tornado, wildfire, hurricane, flood, and hail risk level.

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In terms of "Financial Safety", Wallethub compared each city in terms of unemployment and poverty rate, median credit score, debt-to-income ratio, and more.

Here's how Grand Rapids scored in each category:

  • Home and Community Safety - 86
  • Natural Disaster - 7
  • Financial Safety - 53

The only other Michigan city on the list, Detroit, came in at No. 179 out of 182.

Here's how other Midwest city's ranked:

  • Madison, Wisconsin - No. 13
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana - No. 36
  • Aurora, Illinois - No. 37
  • Toledo, Ohio - No. 119
  • Akron, Ohio - No. 131
  • Chicago, Illinois - No. 133
  • Cincinnati, Ohio - No. 143
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin - No. 155
  • Columbus, Ohio - No. 159

How Can Grand Rapids be the Safest City in Michigan?

With Grand Rapids' city-wide issues like the Kia Boyz thefts and increase in violent crimes, you may be questioning Wallethub's findings.

To determine their ranking, Wallethub's study looked at 150 of America's most populated cities, plus at least two of the most populated cities in each state - so it may be safe to say that Grand Rapids is the safest of Michigan's largest cities.

Where do you feel the safest place to live in Michigan is?

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