It could be a very interesting Friday, Saturday and Sunday when it comes to the weather in the Lansing area. First, the Excessive Heat Warning continues until 8 pm on Saturday. The National Weather Service says that heat related illnesses are possible as the heat index will reach or exceed 100 degrees and "oppressive heat will persist" on Saturday.

So, we know that it's going to be hot--very hot--but there's also the potential for some very strong storms over the next couple of days as well. The National Weather Service says that the Lansing area could see some scattered thunderstorms on Friday and Friday night that could produce "locally strong wind gusts and heavy rainfall". There is also the potential for strong thunderstorms "with gusty winds and heavy rain" on Saturday and Saturday night, too. And we could even see more storms on Sunday. Be ready for changing weather conditions all weekend. Click here to see the complete forecast.

Also, please note that cooling centers ARE open in the Lansing area. Click here to see the list of cooling centers.

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