There are still five counties in Michigan that have yet to report a confirmed case of coronavirus. And those five counties, of course, are in the Upper Peninsula. Way up in the Upper Peninsula.

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According to, as of Monday — Keweenaw, Baraga, Ontonagon, Alger and Iron Counties do not have any confirmed cases of coronavirus. That doesn't mean they won't get some, eventually. The theory now is that the virus is in those counties already, but none of the cases have been severe enough for people to get hospitalized - and therefore, tested. According to Dr. Robert Van Howe, interim medical director for the Dickinson-Iron County Health Department,

“At some point, people are going to go outside, and the illness is going to start spreading. We really haven’t hit the accelerated phase yet,” Van Howe said. “It probably will be coming in the future … We’re on the flat part before the curve.”

And while it's a good thing that there haven't been more confirmed cases, if it does take off in those counties, the concern is that the small medical facilities there will get overwhelmed quickly.

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