When it comes to knowing how to party it up for St. Patrick's Day, I don't think it's wrong to say Michigan leads the way.

Yes, I am one-hundred percent biased in that.

I am someone who loves a good Irish pub and definitely do dabble with Irish booze.

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We all know that St. Patrick's Day means more than just a day to slam green beers, dark beers or those "shots" called "Irish Car Bombs" (which I've since learned is offensive and you should never actually order in Ireland).

Without going too much into the history, St. Patrick's Day is an important, fun day to a lot of people but the "reason for the season" comes down to Irish heritage and tradition.

Michigan knows how to celebrate this day and one of my favorite events that really solidified my love for St. Paddy's Day was Irish on Ionia in Grand Rapids.

So how Irish is Michigan?

Well, according to Zippia 32 million Americans identify as Irish which is about 27 million more than the entire population of Ireland itself!

While Michigan is not the number-one "most Irish state" and we may not rank even in the top 10, we are in the middle of the pack coming in at #26, as reported by Zippia.

With just over a million people here in Michigan identifying as Irish, our total population here in the Mitten is about 10% Irish!

Of course there are plenty of people out there who definitely could be Irish and just don't know it or will eventually do one of those DNA kits but for now, we can all be ready to celebrate as the spirit of Ireland courses through our veins on the 17th.

While it may still be a bit up in the air if you are Irish or not but we do have a quiz to help you figure out just how much of a true Michigander you are:

QUIZ: Just How Michigan Are You?

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