The University of Michigan seniors are graduating on April 29th. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the U of M. As such, there will be a celebration of that at this year's graduation ceremony. And NOT an address from a famous (and probably overpaid) keynote speaker. According to MLive, the ceremony will pay tribute to the history of the university and a video presentation will "feature portions of historic commencement addresses". SOME of the graduating seniors and/or their parents have a problem with this.

BTW - my youngest daughter is graduating from State on May 6th. I have no idea who, if anybody, will give the commencement address. Don't care. I'm just proud she had fun, made it through and has a job starting in May. And now we'll have one more guest room in our house.

To the graduates (everywhere), I say: I know you paid a lot of money to go to college. I know you were hoping for somebody famous to give you great (or funny) advice, but you're still going to get what you really came for - that diploma. Amiright?

So here's my free keystone address:

Hug your parents, or whoever is clapping for you at the graduation. Go get a job and be self-sufficient. And remember, there are no safe spaces in the real world. Unless you're Chuck Norris. Then, wherever you go is your "safe place".

Throw your caps up and let's go eat.

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