The next few weeks will be busy with plenty of high school graduations. But, whether someone is graduating from college, high school…or even preschool, this is a time for celebration! I had a grad this year…and two years before that…and then two years before that, so I’ve been completely immersed in the celebration scene. And this year, I have quite a few graduation parties (or as we call them in Michigan, a graduation “Open House”) to go to.

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With all of the celebrating at hand, I wondered what is the best gift for a graduate? From my own experience, and after asking around to my friends, I’ve come up with a few suggestions:

Money Bag

The number one gift that was appreciated and suggested was…MONEY! There are so many things a graduate will need and money helps…a LOT. No matter which route they are taking after graduation, money is a safe and welcomed gift. If you want to be really cool, give a check in the amount of the graduation $23 for 2023!

If you prefer to give an actual gift, here are suggestions from my friends,

Jason said, “Laundry basket, detergent, dryer sheets, a tide stick and a roll of quarters! Best gift I ever got.”

Carol suggested, “A book and write a note inside. Suggestions include: “The Richest Man in Babylon”, “Think & Grow Rich” and “5” by Dan Zadra.”

Maureen added, “A Jenga set and write words of encouragement on them. Or an ornament - I put both of my son’s tassels in a clear ornament.”

Photo courtesy of Canva
Photo courtesy of Canva

Other gift ideas:

  • Toolbox
  • 3M Command Strips
  • Stamps, notecards, thank you cards, personalized stationery
  • A nice watch
  • Jewelry
  • Uber Gift Card
  • Journal
  • The book, “The Mindfulness Journal for Teens”

*My own kids said they really appreciated getting an Amazon Gift Card and a First Aid Kit.

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Gifts that I like to give for a high school grad who is headed off to college:

  • IKEA bags! These are perfect for packing…and laundry…and quick trips home.
  • A shirt or sweatshirt…or even a water bottle, from the school they are headed to.
  • A deck of cards or a board game. These come in handy for having a night with friends in the dorm.
  • Gift Cards to places like gas stations, Taco Bell, Subway and Target.
  • Gift Cards to the college bookstore or local restaurants.

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