I'm thumbing through my Facebook timeline last week and I stumbled upon something that I never, ever realized.

Now, let me preface this with saying that this isn't some big revelation that I learned something that I never knew. I mean, that happens all of the time. But in my world, this was pretty big. Why?

Well let me go even deeper into the rabbit hole here. I've always thought it was cool when famous people had things named after them, and even to a much lesser degree on the famous spectrum when local radio DJ's have had something named after them. For example, even though it may have never happened (they can tell you if it has) a banana split called "The Banana Don" or maybe a sandwich of some sort named "The Stephanie McCoy", stuff like that. So imagine how I perked up when I saw "The Whitmer" pop up on may Facebook page. Something named after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer...and...it was the name of a haircut!

No, not some haircut that a barber or stylist came up with. "The Whitmer" is a special kind (I guess you could say that...) of style and on top of the haircut having a name of a person that we are all familiar with, "The Whitmer" has also been immortalized in the Urban Dictionary! Here's some of what the Urban Dictionary has to say about "The Whitmer":

A bad haircut. Typically self administered or done by a family member or friend after Googling "How to cut hair." A haircut named after the governor of Michigan after she ordered hair salons and barber shops to remain closed in her state.

So, there you are! "The Whitmer"! Do you have one? I know my wife has been offering to give me one for weeks, even though she had no idea about the special name. I have respectfully declined because it seems to me that there have been more failed attempts at self-inflicted or familial afflicted "Whitmers" than successful ones.

No, I will be waiting for my barber to open the week of June 15th...with bated breath...and really bad hair, but no "Whitmer".

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