Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has made Michigan one of the few states that will allow collegiate athletes to receive compensation for their likeness/image.

It's sad that we had to put a bill in place to make this legal, but at least the students can finally touch some of the crazy revenue they generate.

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“It’s high time that collegiate players are respected and compensated for the talents that they’ve spent their entire lives trying to perfect,” said Joique Bell, former running back with the Detroit Lions and Wayne State University. “I’ve always supported the efforts to protect the best interests of athletes, especially those with tremendous abilities who play at all levels of the NCAA."

Michigan is the second state to implement this new legislation and you better believe it will play a significant role in college recruiting now. College students will come from across the country now to play sports in Michigan now. There isn't a better deal on the market right and honestly, it's something that should've been in place from the beginning.

I've voiced my opinion on the college sports monopoly for years. Stats show that the NCAA across all college sports in 2019 grossed $18.9 Billion and not a single college athlete saw a penny. How is that legal!?

With this new legislation in place wait for the flood of college athletes that come to MI. Well, after COVID-19 of course...

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