It appears that no one is absolutely certain yet on what kind of precipitation we're going to see on Halloween. However, it appears that the weather will be more of a trick than a treat this year. According to the Weather Channel, the Lansing area is going to get some rain on Halloween night but it's expected that the rain will be changing to snow. The Weather Channel says that the transition from rain to snow will likely happen before midnight and that we'll only see about an inch of snow.

The National Weather Service says that we'll see rain in the area until around 10 pm on Halloween and then we'll start to see some rain mixed with snow showers. The NWS says that we'll see less than a half of an inch of snow. Accuweather is reporting that we'll see rain in the Lansing area for Halloween and then that rain will start to mix with some snow. They say we'll see about a quarter of an inch of snow.

So, will it snow for Halloween? Maybe a little. Will the weather be lousy for Halloween? Yes. Whether it's rain or snow, the Lansing area will also be seeing some gusty winds for Halloween as well. So, make sure that those costumes will be safe in rain, snow and wind.

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