This morning, we discussed the news that Ricky Ma, a 42-year old man from Hong Kong, has created a robot, called "Mark 1", that he modeled after a famous Hollywood actress - that he will not name - but looks a heck of a lot like Scarlett Johansson. In fact, if this proves anything, it's that the technology involved in making modern robots look like actual people has come a long way.

According to, Ricky spent $51,000 of his own money and a year and a half of his life to create the "Mark1". This morning, after hearing this story, Stephanie asked (and rightly so), "Where's the male version of this?"

Which brings us to this question, for the female WITL listeners:

"What MALE celebrity would you pattern your robot after, ladies?"

Feel free to answer in the Facebook comments section.

Here's the story. And check out the YouTube video of Ricky and his, friend.



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