Great news! When robots finally take over (and it can't be long now - my guess is any time in 2020) they'll be able to shake your hand, milk your cows, lift you by the neck with one hand like Darth Vader - and yet, still carefully hand you a glass of Kool-Aid (or whatever they'll give us to gain total control). Why? Because Michigan State University engineers have developed a "human-like hand" for robots.

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According to, this first generation of robot-hands will be used for industrial purposes. Professor Changyong Cao, the director of the Laboratory for Soft Machines and Electronics, who led the team that developed this, says the prototype could be used in jobs like "fruit picking, automated packaging, medical care, rehabilitation, and surgical robotics".

Closed-circuit to Dr. Cao: I'm offering my services to help you explore the possibilities of the prototype also being used for other essential jobs - blackjack and poker dealing, bringing me a beer from my fridge, riding around in my truck and delivering messages to people who cut me off and (if it happens this year) handing out candy at Halloween. And, in return, all I ask is help in developing my robot army. I look forward to hearing from you and your team. Thank you.



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