Michiganders can now rejoice as one iconic Michigan-made dessert will soon be returning to grocery store shelves!

Sanders Bumpy Cake

The beloved Sanders Bumpy Cake had its production halted in September of 2023 when the facility that had been churning them out, Awery's Bakery in Livonia, permanently closed.

When that bakery closed, all production of the famous cake ceased. Sanders' CEO Vic Mehren said they wanted to make sure they found the right baker that was up to their standards and made the cake the same way it's been made for years.

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That time has come folks, they have found a new baker!

In an announcement made to its Facebook page, Sanders announced that they've found a new bakery and that soon, stores will be full of Bumpy Cakes.

They did not mention who the new baking partner is. But in my opinion, if they waited months to find the right fit, I have faith that the bakery Sanders has chosen to work with will do the Bumpy Cake proud.

Also, I just know my dad will be so happy, because this is hands down his favorite birthday cake. So this news is coming in just in time to celebrate with his favorite Michigan-made dessert.

Michigan-Made Products

Sanders Bumpy Cake has been around for over 100 years, so it was really sad to see production stop, especially without knowing if it would come back. It feels good to have a piece of Michigan history back.

Sanders Chocolates

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