Singer-songwriter and Hank Williams' grandson Sam Williams has been slowly rolling out songs such as "Can't Fool Your Own Blood," "10-4," "Shuteye" and "The World: Alone." Now, those songs and more will be featured on his 10-song, full-length debut, Glasshouse Children, which is set to arrive on Aug. 20.

A teaser clip for the project that Williams shared to Instagram on Friday (July 16) opens on a mansion built of glass, zooming in through elaborate gardens as music plays before finally finding the singer standing in one of the open doors. Lush and cinematic, the video offers a visual counterpart to the drama and authenticity of the music and its message.

Williams also revealed the track list for Glasshouse Children, which he worked on with Cadillac Three member Jaren Johnston, among a number of other in-demand songwriters and music professionals. The album also features a collaboration with Dolly Parton, called "Happy All the Time."

Parton isn't the only superstar to lend her musical talents to Williams' debut, either. Keith Urban joins him on guitar for "Kids," another of the album's songs, which arrived on Friday in celebration of the album's announcement. Written by Hank Compton, Boots Ottestad and Eric Arejes, "Kids" applies Williams' gravelly, world-weary vocals and Urban's shimmering electric guitar work to a storyline that reflects on the boredom and disillusion of being stuck in the same, small hometown.

“'Kids' is a reflection of the monotonous negativity that comes with staying in the same town your entire life," Williams explains in a press release. "While you want to get out, you still feel like a child, so you stay and continue the cycle.”

Ahead of its Aug. 20 release date, fans can pre-order Glasshouse Children now.

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Sam Williams, Glasshouse Children Tracklist:

1. "Glasshouse Children"
2. "Happy All the Time" (feat. Dolly Parton)
3. "Can't Fool Your Own Blood"
4. "Bulleit Blues"
5. "10-4"
6. "Wild Girl"
7. "Kids" (feat. Keith Urban)
8. "Shuteye"
9. "Hopeless Romanticism"
10. "The World: Alone"

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