As we head into Thanksgiving, we are also heading into the biggest bar night of the year in America: Thanksgiving Eve.

The Biggest Bar Night of the Year

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that many people do not work the following two weekdays, with Thanksgiving and Black Friday going on. Plus, the weekend is immediately after. So many people take the time to hit the bar and catch up with friends and family over drinks.

Drinks is the key word there, because many drinks are consumed on the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving. And of course, everyone 21 years or older should be drinking responsibly. So with that in mind, of course you're not going to drink and drive. You're probably going to call a rideshare.

Using a Rideshare Service in Michigan

A rideshare is a service like Uber of Lyft, where you use an app to set a pick up and drop off location, and the service matches you with a driver who is in the area and can make the trip.

Justin Sullivan
Justin Sullivan

Basically, you're doing exactly what your parents told you not to do when growing up, which is getting into cars with strangers.

To make sure that this is a safe service being provided, companies like Lyft and Uber are sure to do background checks on their drivers. There are also safety features built into the app, like being able to get 911 assistance.

Rideshare Safety Tips

But even with these measures in place, there are things that you, as a passenger, should be doing to make sure your trip is safe.

Check Your Ride

I know this sounds dumb, but making sure that you're getting into the right car is imperative. Make sure that you

  • Check that the vehicle make, model, and description match that of the app.
  • Make sure that the license plates match.
  • Ask what your driver's name is and who they are there to pick up. This one is important! The rideshare app will tell you what your driver's name is. So when the driver gets there, ask them what their name is. Never ask, "Are you Bob?". Phrasing the question like this gives strangers the opportunity to pretend like they are actually your driver.

Keep the Rideshare App Open

Keeping the app open allows you to follow along the route the driver should be on. And it also gives you immediate access to the safety features, like being able to call emergency services or 911.

Tell Someone Where You're Going

It's never a bad idea to text a friend or loved one that you're going to be hopping into a rideshare and that you'll text them when they get there. Let them know where you're going about about when you should be there. It never hurts to let them know where you are.

Wear Your Seatbelt

This one is a no-brainer. Where your seatbelt!

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