The ban is lifted and next week, just like up north, restaurants will be able to reopen for dine in service with capacity limits in place.

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And it's what we've all been waiting for right?


I am a member of a Facebook group called Lansing Foodies and someone put that question out to the members.

Foodies, what is your take on opening June 8th? Are you excited, apprehensive or don't care either way? And what would keep you from dining out?

Here are some of the responses from some of the finest foodies in the city.

Mind you these come from Lansing Foodies as quotes from the members. I will not reveal their names or profiles. We are not speaking of specific restaurants and the following are just opinions on the topic.

I’m excited to eat out at restaurants with tables marked off for limited capacity. I don’t see myself going to a buffet for a while.

And honestly, I don't think we'll be seeing buffets anywhere for a while.

I’ll just keep getting take out for now. Maybe a patio if the restaurant is slow.


I won’t be eating out any time soon... but I’ll still be supporting restaurants by continuing to get pick up orders.


I’m torn. I fully trust the restaurant staff to keep up with proper sanitation practices (they have been doing that long before covid) but I’m still nervous about being in crowds.


I’ll continue supporting my favorite restaurants by ordering carry out and tipping more generously than I have in the past.


We will do take out or patio, no inside and I will be bringing Clorox wipes with me!


I'll likely eat on a patio, but won't bring my whole family.


It’s about time and I’m excited to eat out! Only thing that would keep me from dining out is if the waiting time was too long from them being too packed

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The overall consensus is that people are cautiously optimistic. Most are in the wait and see mode. Several shall still support local eateries by ordering carryout and deliveries. Even tipping heavier.

If folks are going out, please do expect heavy traffic and changes. Long lines. Face masks. Patience will be key. Because while some are cautious, I imagine that first wave of folks to their favorite restaurants will be overwhelming to both staff and customers.

And if people are eating out, they are more open to outdoors and patios instead of inside. Where there will be limited capacity.

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