Those that have had celebrities and professional athletes grow up in their town share a luxury that many others don't. Some have had so many grow up in their communities that they don't even bat an eye at the thought or think about something as simple as celebrities eating an exact meal in the exact same spot they have. This is a luxury that most small towns don't get to enjoy and that many dismiss or take for granted.

Kalamazoo's Most Famous

Living in Kalamazoo, Michigan we've had a handful of famous humans grow up in our town limits, most of them being professional athletes. The first couple of names that come to mind are Derek Jeter, Greg Jennings, and Isiah Livers. With Livers, who now plays for the  NBA's Detroit Pistons, its different because I grew up with him and did many things around town with him. On the flip side, I can remember eating chili cheese dogs at the Root Beer Stand, feeding ducks bread at Milham Park, or even hitting baseballs at Versluis and Dickinson and wondering if Jeter and Jennings had done the same.

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Electric East Lansing

Meanwhile, a place like East Lansing may not have many stars growing up there, but they had plenty coming through the city thanks to Michigan State University. MSU is known for its veterinary program while bolstering many Division I national championship contending sports teams. They've seen the likes of Kirk Cousins, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Jemele Hill, Draymond Green, and many more roaming the streets of their city and walking the stage at graduation. Those may be celebrities, but none are bigger than the one caught in this photo I saw on Facebook at Arbys in East Lansing.

Magic At MSU

Magic Johnson is easily the biggest name to ever step foot on the campus of Michigan State University, even before he got there many were anticipating his arrival. After many watched him play basketball in high school at Lansing Everett in Lansing, Michigan campus was ready for him to takeover, and he did just that. Waltzing onto campus as the big man and leaving the same way after leading the Spartans to a NCAA title in 1979, Magic Johnson entered the NBA Draft. I couldn't imagine attending Michigan State University and thinking about the the things I'm doing that they could have been doing 20, 30, 40 years ago.

Star In The City

Growing up in a college town or a big city, you're almost bound to see celebrities, professional athletes, or soon to be professional athletes and celebrities out in public often. East Lansing is no stranger to this and many stars have been seen in the city at various restaurants and events. I couldn't imagine growing up and seeing Magic Johnson just chilling at a local park or something cool like that. This was a common occurrence in East Lansing and many other cities. Some were lucky to see this all the time and even get pictures or autographs.

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