The Red Bull 400 is coming back to Michigan.

It's not a NASCAR race. It's a 400 meter race. According to, it's a foot race UP the 40 story tall Copper Peak ski jump tower in the Upper Peninsula.

That's right. Up. How's your stair climbing at the gym going?

About 450 participants are expected  to take their shot in one of the races being held on May 11th at the Ironwood facility. For 25 years they held actual ski-jumping competitions at Copper Peak. Since 1994 people have just gone to the top to take a look at the beautiful view. But, you know people - always trying to find some way to hurt themselves.

Last year the men's solo winner, Ian Torchia from Marquette, did it in 4:47 and Anna Mooi from Ironwood had a time of 7:15. Here's what it looked like last year. (Geez- my concern would be standing up too straight and falling backwards)

Here are all the details about this year's competition. Good luck. I'm sure if you do enough stretching beforehand, you'll be fine

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