You usually hear a lot of "disrespect" talk from Michigan State fans when it comes to how MSU is treated. But this time, it seems like there was some disrespect from both teams before kickoff on Saturday's game.

According to MLive, Jim Harbaugh called an incident before the game that was instigated by MSU "total bush league." What incident, you say? Well, at about 10 am on Saturday, the Spartans took to the field for their usual pre-game "march" where the team walks the length of the entire field while locking arms. Along the walk, Spartans were met with Wolverines who were warming up on the field. Some of these Wolverines did not move, and in turn one player was "clotheslined" and another's headphones knocked off. All while Mark Dantonio was reportedly a few yards behind the line of MSU Spartans.

The incident was witnessed by a Michigan football team spokesman who said that the Spartans were "10 to 15 minutes late getting onto the field, cutting into Michigan's time allowed. Players were not warned as to what was happening, nor were they asked to leave the field."

After some pushing and shoving from U of M player Devin Bush Jr (who was one of others present during the "clothesline" incident), Bush ran to the Spartan helmet at midfield "and rubbed his cleats up and down the field". The mark Bush created on the helmet "had to be repainted prior to kickoff." Read more about the incident here.

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