Growing up, did you have a Power Wheels? I know I did.

It was a tricycle that I powered the wheels around when I pedaled the heck out of the thing. Insert laughter here please.

I had to ask my wife if our son ever had a Power Wheels. Even though that would've been quite some time ago, she seemed to believe that he did but he didn't really use it very much so it ended up in a garage sale or something like that.

Well, speaking of Power Wheels, it looks like now that even they aren't immune to the dreaded recall these days. According to, the makers of Power Wheels, Fisher-Price, is recalling 44,000 power wheels because of the possibility of injury.

The Power Wheels in question is the Barbie Camper that was sold at Walmart.

While no injuries have been reported, consumers have contacted Fisher-Price to report that the Power Wheels continued to run even after the release of the foot pedal.

Get more info about the Power Wheels recall from here.

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