Over 36-thousand pounds of chicken nuggets have been recalled by Tyson, according to mlive.com.

The reason for the recall is that the chicken nuggets in question could be contaminated  by rubber. The announcement was made by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The type of chicken nuggets that were recalled are the Panko nuggets. They were manufactured in late November of last year. The poultry was sold as “Tyson White Meat Panko Chicken Nuggets”.

For now, there have been no reports of anyone being harmed after eating the chicken  nuggets. The issue with the nuggets was revealed to Tyson by complaints from people who bought the nuggets and found the rubber inside of them.

Check your Tyson chicken products to make sure they are not a part of this recall. If they are, throw them away or return them where you bought them. Get more information about this product recall here from mlive.com.

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