(DIY Video Credit: whheee via YouTube)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Make your plans and your dinner reservations now. Order the flowers. Get the candy. Get a sitter. Do your thing NOW so you won't be panicking later.

A lot of folks are thinking outside of the box when it comes to Valentines Day. And nothing says I love you more than something you made or did yourself.

Enter the Chicken Nugget Bouquet.

Yup. It's a thing. And it's trending. With it's own hashtag even.

Some are pretty fancy.

Or, you can go simple.

If you do it right, it could be very cute and memorable. Especially if your Valentine really, really loves chicken nuggets. Remember, presentation is everything. And no matter how you're arranging the food, nobody likes cold nuggets and fries. So, if you're not just doing it for show, make sure you're serving fresh nuggets and fries.

First off, you need to know his or her favorite kind of nuggets. That's key here.

Next, you'll need some skewers, cellophane, gift wrapping tissue paper (or maybe use wax or parchment paper), a bow or ribbon, a nice card (possibly to their favorite place to get nuggets). Maybe some sauces. And voila. Yours could look like this.

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