According to, Ulana, one of the female lions at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, had to have a root canal last week. Dr. Ronan Eustace is the person tasked with giving the zoo's animals dental checkups. So, he's the guy who has to stick his hands into the mouths of lions. I know the lions are drugged up when this occurs, but it's an idea that screams "scene from a 'Three Stooges' film". However, it has to happen. As Dr. Eustace explains, “Animals at zoos often live longer than those in the wild, and having complete dental care is a key factor to helping them live a long happy comfortable life at Potter Park Zoo.”

Along for the assist on the root canal was Dr. Colleen Turner, a veterinary dentist who works with MSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

If you have a few bucks laying around, you may want to help Potter Park Zoo out by making a donation, so they can buy a digital dental x-ray system. Donate - so they don't put their hands in the mouths of lions more than they have to.

No word on whether or not they got wacky video of Ulana when she woke up from the anesthesia and started saying crazy stuff on the way home.

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