A lot of people do not drink alcoholic beer for their own personal reasons, but that does not mean they don't enjoy the taste of it. If this describes you, good news - Two Roots Brewing Company will be brewing their popular non-alcoholic beer in Michigan.

Two Roots will be brewed in Auburn Hills at Rochester Mills Brewery. According to MLive, Two Roots purchased the brewery in 2019.

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I'll be honest, I don't know if I have ever had a non-alcoholic beer - but I know plenty of people that do drink it. This is just another great item to add to the 'Made in Michigan' list of food and beverages. I would buy some, I love a splash of beer in a Bloody Mary, why not use a Two Roots?

If everything goes according to plan, customers will be able to purchase the brewed mock beer in Michigan sometime this month. Will you be trying it? Keep in mind that beer is made for more than just drinking. People use beer for cooking too. From pork chops to macaroni and cheese - there is plenty you can make with beer. I am no chef, but I think there is also a chicken recipe that involves shoving a beer can up a chickens butt.

Two Roots - drink it, cook with it, enjoy it - I know I will. Cheers.

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