Here we again with another local phone scam. This time around, according to the Eaton County Sheriff's Office, local residents are receiving calls again saying that there is a warrant out for their arrest and that they are able to post bond by purchasing Ebay gift cards. (This might be the first time I've heard about scammers wanting Ebay gift cards, usually it's a different type of gift card that they scammer is asking for.)

Anyway, according to actual police officials with the Eaton County Sheriff's Office, when this scammer calls, he's giving people a phone number which gives prompts for the Sheriff’s Office. However, the Eaton County Sheriff's Office wants to remind residents that there are only two phone numbers associated with the Sheriff’s Office and those phone numbers are 517-372-8217 and 517-543-3512. Please share this information with any elderly family members or friends so that they don't fall for the Ebay gift card scam.

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