Not another scam. Yes, I am afraid so, and this one sounds like it's worse than the others we reported on. Everyone has to be so careful these days about email and phone call scams.  Be leery of anybody asking for money and personal information. Scams lately have been clever, and many target our elderly which is maddening when you think about it.

The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning about scammers posing as DEA agents and stealing identities and money from their victims according to

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According to a press release, the DEA said there is a widespread telephone fraud scheme in which the scammer pretending to be a DEA agent tells the victim that their name was used to rent a vehicle that was stopped at the border and found to be transporting drugs.

Then they tell victim to give them their social security number because they want to make sure their bank account has not been affected. And get this, they have the gall to ask for money with a gift card or bank transfer to help with the investigation. Now this is just one of the ways, and there are other tactics, to get you money. They are even spoofing DEA phone numbers and may text you with fake law enforcement credentials.

If you do get a call from someone claiming to be a DEA agent, contact law enforcement right away, or the FBI here. It's also a good idea to be firm if they call, and threaten them by saying you're reporting them immediately and hang up.

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