I am a big fan of shows and documentaries about UFOs and strange sightings that folks have seen over the years. Of course many of them turn out to be a wild fairytales, but fun to hear nonetheless. As a kid growing up I believed in Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster and flying saucers. Lets not forget too about all those Alien encounters farmers have had over the last 100 years or so.

Well check this out from mlive.com. People in Michigan and 4 other states saw a midday fireball on Wednesday.

Several people in Michigan offered first-hand reports of a midday fireball and accompanying “boom” that were seen and felt from Ontario all the way to Virginia on Wednesday. The noontime show was likely a disintegrating meteor, according to the Associated Press. Nearly 100 witness reports of a fireball had come in to the American Meteor Society based in western New York. That tally included several people from Michigan, including reports from people in Marlette in Sanilac County, Marysville, Livonia, and this one from Macomb County’s Clinton Township.

I also find astronomy so fascinating. I often find myself in the spring and summer staring up into space and wondering about the magic of our universe, and the billions of stars out there. Where does it all end when your looking up into space? And if it does end, what's on the other side?

Have you or anyone you know seen anything crazy in the sky?  UFOs or unexplained bright lights or alien-like saucers?

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